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HOLIDAY ADVENTURES CLUB at Holiday Harbor Marina

Holiday Adventures Club is an Exclusive Membership club where members have access to luxury water and land recreational equipment.  Unlimited use of class A motor-coach, luxury house boat or cruising around the lake in a top of the line tow boat,  pontoon boat.  Our Club life is the perfect fit between ownership and renting.   As a marina partnered Club,  members have full access to all Marina amenaties and discounts.  


Our teams goal is to find the recreational option that fits your needs, budget and time.  We offer all availble recreational options (sales, rentals and club memberships) which eliminates the incentive to stear a customers needs to fit our offering.  Tell us what your goal is and we can help put you in the product that meets those needs.  We have programs to easily move from club to ownership and from ownership to club without losing your investment.  


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