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24 Hour BoatUS Dispatch 800-391-4869

Boat US Towing Port and CO-Operative Marina 

Boating on Lake Allatoona is a time to relax, unfortunately even the best laid plans can stray from course.   To help ease your worries we offer affordable Boat US towing insurance.  Unlimited Inland towing for a only $72 a year.  Sign up thru us and we will we will give you and extra $10 off, 770-974-2575.  


Unlimited Towing 24/7/365

As a TowBoat Inland Unlimited member you will have access to the largest towing organization in the world,  with over 600 TowBoats and 300+ Ports you are just a phone call away from rescue.   Click here to see the Ports located in or around Georgia.


Free Fuel Drops*

Fuel guage a little off and find yourslef in need of a few gallons to get you back, not a problem we are on the way.  *Cost of Fuel is not included in membership fee.


Battery Jumps

Leave the radio on a little too long and have trouble cranking the engine.  We are on the way to give you a jump and make sure you make it home.


Soft Groundings*

Running in unfamiliar waters and get into shallows,  we are on the way.  *if we can pull you out without any specialty salvage equipment then you are covered with the unlimited membership.  

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